Tips to Protect Your Ford Transmission


The transmission is one of the most important components in your vehicle. If the transmission is damaged, don’t expect your truck to provide the performance that it could and should. In fact, transmission damage may ultimately lead to breakdown and expensive repairs. Read below to learn a few of the top ways to protect your ford powerstroke transmission.

Check Transmission Fluid

Driving your truck without the proper levels of transmission fluid is a mistake that you don’t want to make.  You’ll Damage the transmission and experience a plethora of problems as you drive if there is too little fluid. You also want to ensure that it is not overfilled. Check the transmission fluid often to make sure that it is properly filled.

Use the Right Transmission Fluid

ford powerstroke transmission

Many types and velocities of transmission fluid exist. So many that many people find it difficult to determine which product is best for their vehicle. Read the owner’s manual accompanying the truck to learn the correct information and reduce damage to the transmission.

Call for Repairs

When your transmission causes trouble, schedule a repair with a professional mechanic at once. Delaying repairs only causes the problems to worsen and increases repair costs when you finally make the call.

Don’t Overload Your Truck

Towing power is something that most truck owners appreciate, but do not overdo it and cause damage to the transmission. Know your tow limits and make sure you stick within those limits.

Final Word

Want to ensure that your transmission runs for longer? Keep the tips above in mind if you want to protect your transmission and reduce breakdown. These tips are a few of the many that can help you get the most out of your transmission as you avoid costly repairs.