Tips For Adding Extra Space To Your Home


When we purchase a home we typically look at the square footage and the livable space we have to work with.  Typically, we will want to have two to three bedrooms, two bathrooms and even a spare room for an office.  In some cases we will have rooms and areas of our home that aren’t really used or could be used for something else.  One example of this is a car port.  For many, the ability to convert carport to garage arizona can give them that extra space they need.

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Removing clutter

To free up space consider removing clutter from your home.  Items that we haven’t touched in years, broken items or items that are just outdated such as kids toys, old electronics and more.  When we remove this clutter from our lives the feeling of freedom comes over us allowing us to take advantage of what space we now have more efficiently.


Becoming more organized will help keep your space plentiful.  Using storage bins, shelves and stackable boxes will create functional spaces for our stuff.  Using colored coated boxes, labels and ore will help you to find what it is you need quickly as well as allow you to put them where you want much easier.

Seasonal storage

Purchase seasonal storage or have a shed installed.  This seasonal storage will allow you to keep items such as Christmas trees, decorations and even lawn furniture stored in safety.  With these types of units you can easily keep your stuff organized and accessible when you need it.

Be Proactive

In order to have space it is your job to be proactive.  Take the time to look at your situation and determine what it is you can do to create space.  Using the tips and tricks described here will be a good starting point.  It is up to you to make the change.