Points To Ponder When Looking For A Vehicle


Purchasing a vehicle is large investment.  Not only in the initial cost of the vehicle but in the maintenance, gas, insurance and repairs.  Purchasing a brand new car will require you to have good credit or a large down payment.  For many people locating a used car will be their best bet.  However, used cars come with a whole set of different problems.

Types of cars

When looking at cars the variety is vast.  For some, something like 2019 Ram Trucks miami with its towing power and cargo space may be the perfect fit.  For others a smaller more compact car that is great on gas millage, seats the entire family comfortably and has low millage will be a good fit.


When looking for a car consider age and millage.  If a car has low millage on it, it is considered to be good.  However, if the car was neglected or otherwise abused these low miles may be a hindrance as well.


Accidents can really change the value of your car.  Simple accidents like fender benders may not cause initial damage but over time stress and strain may weaken the frame of the vehicle causing issues years down the road.  Also, depending on how the vehicle was repaired may play in its value down the road.  Either way knowing about accidents is a vital part of determining its value.

Overall feel

When looking for a car it will also play into your decision the overall feel.  For some people driving a car is a religious experience.  Feeling the movement of the open road beneath you, the freedom to come and go as you please.  The overall feel of the car will generally be the deciding factor when buying a car.  The feeling of getting what it is we want just makes the experience that much more enjoyable.


Reviews on a car or any other product for that matter need to be taken with a grain of salt.  What this means is that people will put up a review saying that something is great or that something is bad for a wide range of reasons.  One reason is that they are paid to do reviews.  Yes, it is true people are paid to do reviews.  For this reason and this reason alone, you need to read between the lines.

2019 Ram Trucks miamiFocus on long reviews that go into detail

The next thing about reviews is that the shorter the review the less value you should give it.  Finding a review that short and to the point doesn’t help.  Focus on long reviews that go into detail and don’t ramble on and on.

Focus on negative reviews will help give you an overall picture of the experience.  If the review cites specific issues with a specific part of the car then you can dig into more research to see what others are saying.  If the negative review focuses on personal experience at a dealership then you can pass it by since it doesn’t really affect your buying decision.