Picking The Right Boat For Your Open Sea Adventures


Purchasing, renting or chartering a boat can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  For people who love to spend the day on the water doing it on a private boat will allow them to go where they want, have fun fishing, tubing or even water skiing, among as assortment of other water based activities.  When in search of a boat there are many to choose from.  Some of the more enjoyable boats on the market are Century boats.

Century boats provide luxury & fishability for all who enjoy the water.  These boats are large enough to take the family out for a day at sea but not so large that they aren’t hard to drive or have fun with speed.  When taking these boats out however it is vital that we practice boat safety.

Being safe on the water

Century boats provide luxury & fishabilitypractice boat safety

When enjoying a day out on the water it is very important to practice boat safety.  Being on the water is totally different than being on land.  If you fall on land you can easily get up.  If you fall off a boat in the water you are in a totally different situation.  When practicing boat safety here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that a day on the water doesn’t end in tragedy.

Life Vests

Life vests are large, cumbersome and uncomfortable.  However, wearing one will help keep you afloat in the water.  These vests should be snug but not restrictive.  Make sure that all the straps are tightened comfortably and won’t slip off.

Swim with a buddy

When in the water it may be cool to go exploring on your own or dive deeper than you have before.  When entering the water make sure to swim with a buddy.  You want to be close to them at all times and make sure you are aware of each other’s presence at all times.  It can take only an instant to turn a fun time into a rescue mission.

Sit while the boat is in motion

When the boat is in motion make sure that you are seated and are holding on to the boat.  In some boats it may be possible to stand while the boat is moving, however finding a seat will ensure that if you hit a big wave or there was a problem with the boat you don’t go flying backwards or to the side.  When looking at injuries on a boat the majority occur when someone falls down, not out.

Stay sober

When on a boat it may seem like a good idea to drink alcohol and do other body altering activities.  This can lead to tragedy.  It is always a good idea not to drink when on a boat.  Doing so can cause you to become sea sick more easily, in impaired you could lose footing and fall and hurt yourself and much more.  Be wise, stay sober.

Have fun

At the end of your trip it is important to know you had fun.  Having fun however doesn’t mean don’t be safe.  Follow basic rules and guidelines, think before you act and be aware of where you are.  The ocean is unforgiving, don’t give it a chance to test you.